Siege of Renin Falls

Session 2 Summary

When last we met our heroes, they had returned to Renin Falls, victorious from their battle with a local lich. They had rescued the town’s consultant, whom they had not been able to wake from his trance. They liased with Lord Shortwick who thanked them for their efforts and ordered his servants to care for the consultant.

On their way to the inn to rest, our heroes stopped to marvel at a bard who was playing in the streets. His playing awoke something within Chuck, who slept restlessly that night for the visions of his deceased father.

After a rest, the heroes checked the noticeboard in town once again and decided to look into the nearby temple to Bahamut. The priests there had been recently driven out by followers of Tiamat and the ecology in the area had suffered for it. On their way there, the team was beset by a family of boars. Chuck, convinced that the male was the reincarnation of his father, attempted to tame it, but to no avail – the boars would not halt their attack. On killing them, the group found a squeaker (young boar), which Chuck determined to truly be his reincarnated father and took with him.

On reaching the temple, the heroes faced a leech-ridden swamp, numerous dragonborn priests, a dark aura, a gauntlet of acidic gas, and lastly a young black dragon, before destroying the scepter that was the source of the curse affecting the area and Akra’s powers.

Session 1 Summary

Fresh from their battles at Shadowfell Keep, and having saved the town of Winterhaven from the menacing Cult of Ocras, our heroes arrived in the town of Renin Falls. As night fell, the heroes made their way to a local tavern to eat their fill and rest for the day ahead. Their rest was interrupted by a scout, who claimed that an invasion of Orcs and Goblins was just a week away. The heroes decided to spread word of the attack, and the news of a town meeting the following day. In doing so, they met with a local miner who informed them that the mine had been overrun by spiders, preventing access to the ore inside.

After a night of rest, the heroes made their way to the Avandran Square to offer their help to the town. They chose to investigate the kidnapping of the town’s magic consultant. In the dead of night, he had been taken by a local lich, and his bulky servant. The heroes learned that the lich was in his life a member of the town who became fascinated with necromancy. Further investigation lead them to his former house, and to a pair of magical artefacts he had left behind him.

On reaching the tower, the heroes were faced with numerous magical challenges: a maze, the bulky servant, and several runic puzzles before facing the lich in its pocket dimension. Not without excessive injury, the heroes emerged victorious with the consultant, and returned to Renin Falls to rest and prepare for further adventure.

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